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In the paint up it was used to show protection of the land and its people, in yellow it was used to shoe protection of the women as they carried out the motherly duties, in black it was used to show protection of the men as they went hunting, in red it was used to show protection of the passing male and in white it was used to show protection of the spirits and their ancestors.

Movements have been utilised through forceful suspension and sustainability allowing the dancers to express their emotions towards this historical chapter. Waking up as they start close to the ground the movements at the beginning of the section are slow and gentle and not rigid which is just like the colour yellow.

The prop of the jumper is used throughout the section to symbolise an everlasting connection that keeps bringing humans together whilst the colour symbolises the struggles and the passion.

The colour yellow represents creation which can then be liked to mother earth, female energy and then to the creation of new life through birth.

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The dancers came from the ground; they came from a connection with mother earth on a new day. Hessayon Author 6 Buy new: During torment the male is visualised sitting at a lower level, but once power is regained levels change dramatically where he is above the women.

This section is performed by 2 girls and 1 male where the female are wearing long red dresses and the male is wearing long red pants with a red jumper as a prop. For its 21st anniversary return nbsp; Essay write advertising an and disadvantages about the of advantages Advantage-and-disadvantage essay writing If You find this article not helpful enough or You Ochres essay about myself mba essay.

Ochres: Dance and Aboriginal Culture

The emotions of this colour are extreme with the aspect of sadness for a small relation to death and also happiness through spirituality and a connection with the spiritual aspects of the land.

As Page endeavours to encompass Aboriginal culture within contemporary dance, he makes use of occasional Aboriginal dance techniques.

Stephen page incorporated aboriginal dance into the contemporary style to create a fusion which appeals to all to help modern society understand the importance of certain cultural beliefs to the aboriginal population. This becomes deep as the mother no longer babies her child and has permitted him to take on the role of more important things and blossom into adulthood.

The main inspiration for this section is the spirit world and the connection between the spirits, the energies, the land and silence.

A Critical Description of on: The work of Ochresa Bangarra Dance Theatre production, embraces upon the cultural and spiritual significance of Aboriginal life.

The main inspiration for this section to be created was relationships and having to fight and struggle for love and the danger portrayed behind all of that. With various contracting movements the dancers switch between roles of animals, spirits and back to humans. The jump between a human catching their prey and scared animal continues throughout the entire section and so too does the rigid movements.

Ochres is a magnificent dance work, which skilfully combines the traditional Indigenous Aboriginal Australian movements and the modern contemporary movements from today’s society.

Collaboratively choreographed by Stephen Page, Bernadette Walong and Djakapurra a member of the Yirrkala tribe, Ochres premiered in Sydney, by the Bangarra Dance Theatre.

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Bangarra Dance Theatre. Bangarra Dance Theatre – Ochres Co-Choreographers: Stephen Page and Bernadette Walong Composer: David Page Cultural Consultant: Djakapurra Munyarryun Lighting Design: Joseph Mercurio Set Designer: Peter England A Passion for Dance “For me, I think the importance of going back to the traditional style of dance was that I was able to observe and watch our.

Ochres by Bangarra Dance Theatre Essay Ochres is a magnificent dance work, which skilfully combines the traditional Indigenous Aboriginal Australian movements and the modern contemporary movements from today’s society.

Bangarra Dance Company Ochres: Red vs.

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