Convocation address be who you want

So I say to you, do not dismiss the voices of traditional and historical Christianity.

Six inspiring convocation speeches

And from the crass commercialism, the narrow politics, the irreligion of contemporary affairs, we shall yet pass on as well, if we can muster the intelligence for the task. The book experience, like your UMBC experience, is designed to challenge you intellectually and personally and to take you beyond your comfort zone.

I remember looking out the windows of the jail at our parents and hearing Dr. These were not part of Convocation; they had no constitutional status and were merely advisory.

In conclusion, you are embarking on a most exciting journey. The student's ID is scanned at the program and then electronically transferred into a database of individual student records that holds each student's credits. A study of pay in the oil industry found that CEOs were paid more simply if the price of oil rose, something that they clearly had no hand in.

What single piece of advice can I offer you from my life after Ahmedabad. At this time, I will briefly mention a few special achievements. I was recently asked, Are you for marriage equality. It is too late to begin it.

We believe deeply in the importance of academic and personal freedom and integrity. These bodies have high ideals.

An ANU Convocation luncheon address given in December 1975 on the subject of the 1975 Election

These entrepreneurs will join dozens of Western New England students seriously engaged in entrepreneurial activities who are guided skillfully by our own faculty. Surely these important issues are unworthy of cliches.

By the say, I can hardly recommend a book more highly: The surplus that is left over after everyone is paid goes to the shareholder. Inthis region lagged behind the rest of the country in the pace of the economic recovery.

News and World Report. This is a campus, as you will quickly learn, that welcomes, supports, and embraces all students regardless of differences in appearance, manner, ideas, culture, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, or personal belief. Okay, that was my attempt at a humorous opener inspired by Ellen DeGeneres.

Convocation Address to the Class of September 3, Cambridge, Mass. Everyone here today — and lots and lots of other people across the University — are here for you and want you to succeed. Take us up on our offer and ask us for help whenever you need it.

The University of Chicago Magazine July–Aug/29 Today from a hundred different platforms in a hundred different schools and colleges people in your helpless position are. It will help you make decisions about the right courses to take in high school and community college so that you have the opportunity to turn that passion of yours into a great job and a great future.

If you survived the first term at Ahmedabad, you can survive almost anything. Undoubtedly, you will also be sad in the days to come.

Convocation Address

Ahmedabad creates a cocoon around you, surrounding you with the best and the brightest, only to tear it apart today so that all of you can be unleashed on the world. Upon this, my fourth convocation address, I will be reviewing the past year’s accomplishments, talk about the challenges ahead and discuss new initiatives that I hope you will help me address this year.

While I have much I want to say to you today, I want to address something that. — Nick Anderson, Washington Post, "Comey to teach course on ethical leadership for College of William & Mary," 19 Jan. Staff members will also put together a video about her for the superintendent's convocation at the start of the next school year.

Convocation address be who you want
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Fall Convocation Address