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Their culture and society is fragmented since their society is based on two very different cultures. They were dehumanized by the Canadians as they were sent to the concentration camps and forced to live like animals in what had once been a chicken coop.

They were looked upon as enemies and they were treated as such. It becomes a symbolism to the readers that the concept and the lives of the living Japanese Canadian people during this time has become the same as the view of bones.

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Essays pleasanton great depression photo essays stock market crash research papers us army big picture series essay essay writing toronto pdf. Shoenut Language in the novel is used as a weapon to hide the real situation of the Japanese Canadian population by the individuals in position.

Naomi, being of Japanese Canadian descent, is faced with a difficult situation regarding the question of her identity.

Obasan: Dehumanization Embodied Through the Imagery of Animals Essay Sample

The purpose of which is to hide their real circumstances of these people and to legitimize and rationalize their action towards them. Naomi comes across many feared memories of her childhood as she and her family are discriminated upon and mistreated because of their race.

In this way we see that Naomi was a combination of both sides where she uses her silence to better understand the situation she endures through her observation of the different instances that she finds herself in.

This becomes a greater problem when the society that they are living in continues to fragment the different aspects of their identity. It continues to follow them until eventually the answers become clear.

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Their separation was also symbolic of this fragmentation shown where their family was divided and separated. Kogawa uses the image of young chicks and a hen to enhance the theme of deprivation for the Japanese-Canadians as they are striped of their human qualities.

The novel is a kind of semi-autobiography of the author and her experiences during the difficult times she and her fellow Japanese Canadians faced. It is both a recollection and historic review of the events that happened in British Columbia during the time that they had considered them as threats to national security and thus action taken against them changed to become cruel and oppressive.

This can be seen both in the internal conflicts that happen within Naomi where she was struggling to make sense of both cultures within her and the social environment she was enduring during that time.

Grice Shoenut During the Japanese Canadian Internment, the Japanese Canadian population was no longer considered a part of the society. This part of the novel also shows a change in Naomi as she begins to become mature where her ability to better understand the situations that the Japanese Canadian people are suffering.

During this time they also suffered severe discrimination since it was widely spread that the Japanese were the ones who started the war.

Those who were sick were left to die in the camps. It relates to us experiences of people who are in a situation whose exists as not part of the whole but at the same time are not considered as part of their community.

One of the great conflicts in the novel is found in the concept of dual citizenship of the main characters of the story.

It becomes a symbolism to the readers that the concept and the lives of the living Japanese Canadian people during this time has become the same as the view of bones. Finding that her mother represents the silence, Naomi listens to hear her mother. She lived together with her family away from Japan in the British Columbian territories.

She bottles her curiosity instead of looking for answers. It becomes clear however, that during the times of suffering, her hope has still not gone out. Just as the kitten cried for help, the Japanese-Canadians cried for justice and to be treated equally among all other Canadians.

People should not look at each community and decipher whether it is good or bad. Language in the novel also plays a significant role in the understanding of the concept of identity of the Japanese Canadian people. It also makes for easier implementation without the risk of conflict coming from the population who do not agree with their actions.

The use of being vocal prevents people from being ignorant and fearful since it is a channel for understanding. Oriah mountain dreamer the invitation analysis essay research paper on airbus a vs They began to be seen as enemies that need to be treated with caution and separated from the rest of the society.

On the other hand she also embraces the vocal as she converses and explores with other people their interpretation of their situation.

Obasan, by Joy Kogawa Essay Words | 8 Pages. Obasan, by Joy Kogawa Today, society has become a boisterous world of communication. From telephone conversations to live Internet chat and e-mail, the world has never before been quite so in touch.

“Obasan” by Joy Kogawa Essay Sample “Obasan” by Joy Kogawa is a novel telling the story of Naomi Nakane, a Japanese Canadian, during the Japanese Internment in British Columbia during the. Joy Kogawa's Obasan Essay Canadians were afraid to speak.

She does so by becoming informed of the events through the many conferences Naomi describes her to be a part of and the research she compiles for a paper she authored about Japanese sufferings during the internment (Kogawa, 33; 39).

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In Joy Kogawa’s Obasan (), the protagonist, a Japanese-Canadian woman by the name of Naomi, is inadvertently introduced to the atrocities suffered by Canadians of Japanese ancestry during the Second World War. Joy Kogawa’s novel Obasan uses images of different animals to show the connection between the way these animals were treated and viewed and that of the way human beings were treated after the unfortunate bombing at Pearl Harbour.

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