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I was a good waitress, I could carry eight drinks. Stereotype — A conventional pattern, expression, character, or idea. In short, it gives the poet an expanded opportunity to use one of the most diverse objects in the toolbox of the fiction writer: His father, who worked as a bank clerk, was also an artist, scholar, antiquarian, and collector of books and pictures.

Have you ever noticed that most stories have a beginning, middle then finally an end. Non qu'elles soient sans importance, mais le vent ne souffle plus du meme cote qu'a l'epoque ou Jansenius, Saint-Cyran, Quesnel, remuaient le catholicisme jusqu'en ses fondements; on prenait feu alors, l'idee religieuse bouillonnait encore dans les veines du catholicisme, et cependant on ne se battait que pour des abstractions; l'expression vivante du catholicisme, la papaute etait en dehors du debat.

Brownings mastery of dramatic verse was evident throughout his career, from such chillingly unforgettable monologues as My Last Duchess and Porphyria to the mature work included in his collection Dramatis Personae.

This selection, chosen by leading scholars, reveals the innovation, complexity and profound psychological insight that have ensured Brownings enduring reputation and his continuing appeal to readers today.

This selection, chosen by leading scholars, reveals the innovation, complexity and profound psychological insight that have ensured Browning ;s enduring reputation and his continuing appeal to readers today. Among the 26 most translated authors in the world.

The adventure results to be fruitful for him but his drunken father always seem to pull down any effort and fortune made by the boy Twain, et al Omniscient Point of View - The vantage point of a story in which the narrator can know, see, and report whatever he or she chooses.

Most of the novels of Austen, Dickens, or Hardy employ the omniscient point of view. A persona poem is a poem in the first person in which the speaker is explicitly separate from the author. He will never get it. Venice, but it serves as a warning that it could end up that way -it leads us to ask, why is Venice a fit parison to England.

A loose sentence is grammatically complete before the period. Everything about Brother Lawrence irritates the speaker deeply. In other instances, someone becomes a hero after accomplishing a given mission but does not come out alive. Port-Royal et la societe de Jesus y sont chacun pour leur part.

Here is the essay topic and the specific requirements: Antecedent — That which goes before, especially the word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers.

The strategy or rhetorical strategy of a poem is the planned placing of elements to achieve an effect.

Famous for his word play, logic, and fantasy. Probably not Brother Lawrence. Symbol — Something that is simultaneously itself and a sign of something else. Anna Letitia Barbauld Published works in multiple genres. Her reputation is at stake, she must truly love him. Gr-r-r — you swine. As his tomb ll.

Grotesque — Characterized by distortions or incongruities. Thinks I, what is the country a-coming to. Revisionist mythmaking is the process of re-creating a story to subvert the dominant paradigms within them; for instance, the popular story Cinderella has been recreated in the recent film Ella Enchanted with the reconstruction that Cinderella has been cursed with obedience and must find a way to stand up to those in power while under this dangerous spell.

Lockwood tells us the story that Nelly Dean tells him, a first-person narration reported by a second first-person narrator. The effect of this contrast is to intensify the feelings of relief and joy in lines These personae, I believe, also represent something important about each writer—a desire to replace stereotype with something new, a desire to expand what a woman can do and say, a desire to explain things from a female point of view, without silencing, critiquing or sugar-coating.

Parallel Structure — A similar grammatical structure within a sentence or within a paragraph. I wanted to marry you, I wanted your wife to suffer.

Lines that end with a period comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation point, or question mark are end-stopped lines.

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As a work of art, she is under his plete control, but he wants a human being who will act as a work of art. The peculiar essence of the poem "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister" written by Robert Browning lies in the impression of violent and disordered hatred.

This feeling is revealed by the very structure of the work. The poem is framed by bestial growl at first word and closing line. Robert Browning's poetry: authoritative texts, criticism / selected and edited by James F. Loucks. Augustan Age English writer; An Essay on Criticism, The Rape of the Lock, Ode on Solitude Victorian English writer; Porphyria's Lover, Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister, My Last Duchess Spanish writer; Don Quixote.

Daniel Defoe. Augustan Age (neoclassical) English writer; Moll Flanders, Robinson Crusoe. Student Essay, An Analysis of the Symbolism in Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" Flannery O'Connor, An Excerpt from “The Grotesque in Southern Fiction”: The Serious Writer and the Tired Reader Critics on Flannery O'Connor.

Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister. Lucille Clifton, Homage to my hips. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Kubla Khan. Poetry Speaks Expanded is a fusion of the poet''s words with the poet''s voice, including text and recordings of nearly 50 of the greatest poets who ever lived, ranging from Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, James Joyce and T.

S. Eliot to Langston Hughes, Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughesand Gwendolyn Brooks.

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